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Lots of people speculate.

One guy finds the following in a paper somewhere:

When a droplet is placed on a quiescent fluid bath, it ultimately collapses into the bath due to gravity; however, this merger is generally delayed because the air layer between the droplet and the bath must first drain to a thickness at which Van der Waals forces between droplet and bath become important, approximately 100nm (Charles & Mason 1960a). The resulting coalescence may take a number of distinct forms. Complete coalescence arises when the entirety of the drop merges with the underlying reservoir. Partial coalescence arises when only some fraction of the drop coalesces, leaving behind a smaller daughter droplet that is ejected from the bath and bounces several times before itself undergoing a partial coalescence (Mahajan 1930; Charles & Mason 1960b; Thoroddsen & Takehara 2000; Honey & Kavehpour 2006). This coalescence cascade continues until the daughter droplet becomes sufficiently small that viscosity comes into play, and complete coalescence occurs.

This was taken from a scientific publication called “The fluid trampoline: droplets bouncing on a soap film” from the Journal of Fluid Mechanics

Oh and somewhere in between we also learn that “disseminate” is transitive!


After a loooong time with little or no rain we get a biggy again. Somehow all the rain hangs down here around the Southcoast.


If you live near the Begariver system, the best place to stay up to date on floodings and river height is at this little site, which I’ve built out of pure self interest.


Interview with Marquese Scott.



Another awesome performance of “Nonstop” Marquese Scott.



The story of the 25 year intellectual war fought between Stephen Hawking and what seems every other physicist. Told by the eventual “winner”, Leonard Susskind, in rather smug commentary.


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